What is WYDGlobal

Hai all and welcome back.Today i just have a little bit sotry for New WYDian.WYD Global(With Your Destiny) is a free to play in 3D MMORPG and will be having its open Beta soon.The game focuses on 2 rival kingdoms in a medieval setting that are fighting for suprame power.Basically , the game has 4 characters to choose from:The transnight,Huntress,Foema and beastmaster.Each of the class has its difference skills and masteries to be leaned.

We have a built in macro system that can be used for free called “combat control system” better known as C.C Mode.This way,players may hunt or level up while away from keyboard and if your have a question to ask,you can ask to we community managers(CM) or GMs and they all online 24/7 everyday!!

Welcome too a new players from any contry.This is open game and try built your own characters.Please Logon to http://www.wydglobal.com


My story

Dear to all…

I am the hidayah-2..my true name is Hidayah and i have a little bit story for u all.I am born in malaysia,at the small village and just have 10 house in that village.For all want to know  my father and mother passaway  went im 10 yrs old

I this song my father to love and this song to have a story for my father went he meet my mama.The lyric story how my father begging to  mama..xD

But…them go for forever in my life.So this song remember me went i miss my perent and may god bless them two.I never forget them two.

So this song i be keep it in my heart..and nobody can make me forget it lol…hehehe…Xd…have a Nice day all…muah2

Lyric She Gone

She;s gone.

Out of my life.

I was wrong.

I’m to blame.

I was so untrue.

I can’t live without her love

In my life

There’s just an empty space

All my dreams are lost

I;m wasting away

Forgive me..Girl…


Lady…won;t you save me???

My heart belongs to you

Lady…can u forgive me???

For all I’ve done to you


She’s gone

Out of my life

Ohh…she’s gone

I find it so hard to go on

I really miss that girl..My love

Come back into my arms

I’m so alone

I’m begging you

I’m down on my knees

Forgive me…Girl…

(Chorus x2)


My heart belongs to you

Lady…can u forgive me???

For all i’ve done to you..

(Repeat x2)

My FaV SonG

Hai All..Welcome To HONGKONG

Hongkong History

Hongkong began  as a coastal island geographically located in southern China.While pockets of settlements had taken place in the region with archaeological findings dating back thousands of years,regularly written recirds wre not made until the engagement of imperial China and the British Colony in the territory.Starting out as a fishing village,salt production site and trading ground,it would evolve into a military port of strategic importance and eventually an international financial centre that enjoys the world’s 14th highest GDP(PPP)per capita,supporting 33% of the foreign capitl flows into China

The new millennium signalled a series of events.A sizeble portion of the population that was previously against the hanover found itself living with the adjument.Article 23 became a controversy,and led to a marches in different parts of hongkong with as many as 750,000 people out of a population of approximately 6,800,000 at the time.The goverment also dealt with the SARS outbreak in 2003.Other heath crisis such as the Bird Flu Pandemic(H5N1) gained momentum from the late 90s.and led to the disposal of millions of chicken and poultry.At the same time,the economy is trying to rebound fiscally.Hongkong Disneyland was also introduced in the  much turbulent time.In a very short time,the political climate heated up and the Chief Executive position would be challenged culturally,politically and managerially.


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